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By alan.robert
#210060 Can i get a original settlement figure of a iva ,I have been in a iva for over 2 years have no house or equity.
I am now in a position were a employer wants to buy me out of my iva ,does he have to get a settlement figure or pay the original amount as he wants me to become a director and run the company for him .

it is a small firm but does not want the small profits we make been taken by my iva ,any advice would be appreciated and sorry for my first post being a rather long question but people on here seem realy helpfull.
By doemichael
#210065 Hi Alan

You would need to contatc yout IP and tell him you are interested in doing a full and final. They may be ablet o tell you what sort of figure your creditors would accept but ultimetly it is up to you to make an offer.

How much was IVA for and how much is left to pay ?
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By JaneClack
#210085 Shouldn't really be more than 36 x £239 then if you do not own a property and have an equity clause in your IVA. £8,604 or less as you would not be paying supervision fees for the whole term!!