Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By foolishboy
#208619 I've just received my biggest ever bonus of just over £3k which I have worked damned hard for. Now I'm well aware that relatively speaking I'm getting off relatively lightly having gone BR and having debt written off (am in an IPA too by the way) but human instinct is still making me thing that I'd love to keep at least some of this.

I've heard people say in the past that some ORs have let them keep a portion of the bonus for various reasons and I'm wondering what experiences people have had regarding such matters. Am about to get married as well so the money would be REALLY handy.

Sorry to ask, I feel bad doing so, but I guess I'm only human after all.

By cheekyeeyore
#208629 have recently posted similar topic myself (as has Indy !!) - i reckon they must get a lot of this at this time of year !! - but the general opinion seems to be - be honest with the OR, tell them about the bonus ...... & advise why you'd want to keep it if you like - then pray you get a nice one who looks on you kindly !!!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

im of the opinion that if they take it, yes it will be pretty gutting (i also worked my a**e off for mine !! :cry: ) but its still better than being in the position we WERE in before BR !!

at the end of the day - just think - if you DONT tell OR, the penalty could be a lot worse than losing the money now !!! :oops:

good luck with the wedding either way !! :D x
By foolishboy
#208680 Thanks for the reply :)

..not even considering not telling the OR about the bonus but think I was more a post in order to gather some ideas as to what reasons I might come up with!

Glad people understand though :)