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By submariner
#205867 Most of my creditors now show the correct info & dates on my files, without me having had to do anything but wait (about 18 months after completion cert. issued now. )

However, two - both original lenders - still show balances outstanding, so I am about to write to them with the "standard" letter requesting that they show zero balances and satisfied (or partially satisfied) status.

With the standard letter I shall enclose a copy of my satisfaction letter, but do you think there is any good -or harm?- in also sending the schedule of IVA final payments that was provided to me by my IP, showing what each creditor received on each account number. On one hand, this proves that payment was made, but it also "rubs their noses" in how little they got compared to the original balance (approx 27%) and also gives a lot of info about all the other payments to other creds. However, I guess they will have seen all this info before.

Also, just checking where I should address these... One is Mint (who are they now?) and one is MBNA.

Thanks for any advice.
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By Yogi Bear
#205873 No - keep it simple. All they need as evidence is the satisfaction letter. :)

If you have a look at your Experian file, at the end it should show the addresses/contact details for all the organizations whose entries are shown on the file.
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By submariner
#205882 Excellent, that's what I hoped you'd say :D

... On both counts, as I have the address as per Experian- I just wanted confirmation to avoid wasted effort!

Thanks very much Yogi.