Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By andcazo
#205590 :oops: hi and thanks in advance for any help, my question relates to going bankcrupt is i have a stomach disorder, had surgeries, been on sik for 5 years and obviously assisted my income with my cred cards, i have moved in with gfnd, rented property, and have come off sikness benefit, and work 21 hrs wk on min wage, have no assets at all, apart from car prob worth 400, im not sure how to proceed, ie bancruptcy , initially wrote to all my creditors 12 13 months back, telling them my position and my inability to offer nothing, and if they need to pursue id happily attend and assist any inquisition, (hang him, boo,ha ) suppose really am not sure what to do nxt, !! appreciate somthing , unless they write it off, dont know, thanks. :roll:
By gardener
#205603 Hi andcazo

If you get to see a judge on the day you petition for bankruptcy they usually ask if you have taken advice and, since you have to be able to say yes, you ought to think about telling your story to CCCS, Payplan or National Debtline or a properly informed insolvency person at CAB. If after that you want to go bankrupt find your local court that does bankruptcy, make an appointment, ask for the forms (or download them) and you are on your way.
By derry
#205608 Hi, Gardener has given some good advice in contacting different debt agencies. It also depends on how much you owe to your creditors to make it worth making yourself bankrupt (i think), try to make them all an offer of repayments even it's a pound a week untill your situation improves and send them this amount in good faith. If they do take you to court they will look favourably on you because you have made an effort to repay at least something.

Good Luck.