Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By neilb1980
#205515 Hi there,

Can you answer this question for me please :D

I'm thinking about going bankrupt and i'm married but ALL the debt is in my name, Will the OR include all my wife's income even though she hasnt got any debt in her name?

What is the chances of us losing our private Rented accomodation?


By Iphigenia
#205523 If you don't share any of the debt, your wife's income won't be touched.
However, when you complete your Statement of Affairs, you will have to say what your outgoing bills are, and how much she gives you towards them. So they won't ask how much she earns but they will make the justifiable assumption that she contributes to the bills.
By johnny 73
#205535 its unlikely you'll lose your rented accomodation. it depends who you rent from, most councils and housing associations have no interest in your financial affairs as long as the rent is paid.

its possible that some private rented landords dont want bankrupts as tenants, perhaps you ought to check your rent agreement

what may have more bearing is whether you have rent arrears or not
By neilb1980
#205539 We private rent at the moment and are up to date with that!!! But having two children i dont want us to be homeless.