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By ukman
#205026 If one has a Viasa and a mastercard in the UK with a major bank and is not paying off the balance or has even disappeared abroad will one then have a problem getting a new credit card account with a foreign bank in another country such as France or USA. Will it be flagged up to Visa and Mastercard that that person is trying to get a new credit card there- and will then obviously NOT allow/ grant the credit card (even though the credit cards will be issued by another bank than the one in the UK). Or might one not have a problem opening a new cc despite the bad credit card behaviour in the UK? I imagine the answer is Visa and MAster card are international and will know if a culprit tries to open a new card account. But how can they be sure it is the same person as there are many people with the same name and even birthday.

Also, even if that person manages to open a new cc account will Visa then try and recover the debt the person has run up in another country under a different bank?

Any ideas?
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By Yogi Bear
#205043 No. Both Mastercard and Visa are payment organizations processing payments on behalf of member banks and card companies. The cards (and debts which are run up on them) belong to the card company(ies) which actually issued the cards: neither Mastercard nor Visa have any interest in individual applications nor any say in who is or isn't approved for a card.