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By denisl
#203520 Hi

I've tried to get copies of my credit files after some years of ignoring my debts. Due to moving around quite frequently as I was a student in the past 5 years I have quite a few addresses. I gave equifax my last 3 addresses and ive received a report back, nothing showing on it except my current bank account. I know I have defaults on addresses prior to that. I asked them today whether I can give other addresses so I can get a full history but person on the phone said there is no point as linked addresses should show up if there is indeed a link.
Thats not correct right?

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By Yogi Bear
#203521 They're right in saying that if there are any linked previous addresses, then they should show up on your file, yes. You do need to give previous addresses when applying for your file, but account data is only stored for the last six years, so there's no point in giving addresses any further back than that.
By denisl
#203525 I gave as much addresses as they requested or could input into the system but it only covered last 2-3 years. So how are addresses linked together? The trouble is I didnt inform anyone i moved etc so there was no contact for last 3 years so Im guessing thats why the addresses are not linked.
Im doing a job application form and it requires credit check, and last 5 years addresses which i gave. Will they have same trouble as me in showing full history or can they search using all addresses and it would correlate together i.e. same name + DOB?
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By moaner
#204408 thats odd, I have so far only received one of my credit files, from Callcredit but there is a previous address and even settled debts on there from over 6 years ago :shock:
By uphillstruggle
#204715 I think the CRAs are only aware of previous/linked addresses if:

- any of your creditors have reported the address to them (ie you moved house and informed your creditor)
- you have applied for credit/identity checks while living at the previous address.
- you were on the electoral role

If you are certain that an address is really completely unknown to the CRA, it might be a good idea to not put it down on credit applications as the more previous addresses you have, the worse it looks. (not moving house = stability)