Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By worriedmummy
#201764 I am a single parent claiming benefits. In June this year I went BR. I received a letter last month confirming that my car was exempt.

I am getting back with my husband and we are moving back in together (into army married quarters in a different county).

I know I have to advice my OR of this but will they take my new situation into account? Will they now take my car as he has a car so I have use of another car, although he is selling it?

I will still not have an income myself and will only receive child benefit and child tax credit. But will obviously have a share in my husbands wages.

Does anyone know how this will effect my BR?

Thank you, hope someone can help me x :?
By worriedmummy
#201776 Yes of course, I am pretty hot on things like that as I like things to be done properly. I am not sure if I tell them once we have moved back in together though or if I tell them in advance of the date we will be officially living as man and wife again. But thats for another forum maybe :D

I will contact the tax office re child tax credit myself.

Thank you for that Roger196 x
By gardener
#201864 Hi

I'm not terribly clear on the car situations but it seems to me that if your husband is selling his anyway you are back in the same situation so would still need it. I presume you are asking if you will now have to pay an IPA. No, I'm quite sure you won't since you are still not earning - your husband doesn't get to pay your IPA for you. Good luck with the move.