Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By butterfly
#201594 Hi all, I hope someone can help me. After receiving the OR's report pursuing a BRO/U last weekend (sent to wrong address so got it v late) I didn't feel I could offer an undertaking before alerting them to some factual errors as I was worried about signing something I didn't think was true. I alerted them to errors in most of the report. By that I mean most of the report seemed to include errors. The deadline to offer an undertaking is 'by Monday' (not sure if that's beginning or end of the day). I've asked them 3 times this week if the deadline could be extended due to receiving it so late/ could they confirm the dealine etc and they've so far ignored my question. Does anybody know how else I can find out if the deadline is still Monday? I'm so worried about this.
By gardener
#201609 I don't know the answer to your question but I am just trying to clarify things in my head: Are you talking about this Bank Holiday Monday? I would have thought that the fact you have responded at all i.e. with a correction, would mean that they would grant an extension. How are you communicating with them? By telephone?
By andymac
#201643 The fact that they sent it to the wrong adress is a reason for extension alone.

Surely, isnt this an opportunity to work the system if you feel it is unfair?

You have only got 4 weeks until discharge? if you chose a BRO, wouldnt the time run out before they could enforce anything?
By andymac
#201647 As far as I understand it, the discharge process can only be delayed if you are not co-operating with the OR. You would not be non co-operating, just asking for more time since the letter got sent to the wrong address and, oh my god, there is no more time!
By butterfly
#201651 Hi Gardener, I always try to communicate via e mail as then it's in writing.
I didn't know they could 'run out of time' I've heard of interim restriction orders and don't know if they could go for this. I don't know what grounds they'd need.
They can't accuse me of being uncooperative though.
By butterfly
#202144 Just heard from Assistant Official Receiver "The Secretary of State has reassessed the case following receipt of your representations and reversed the decision to seek a period of bankruptcy restrictions." Still crying with relief.