Issues and questions that come up during your bankruptcy period

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By indy2005
#201537 I have just returned from holiday and have asked the OR for an update. He said no trustee was appointed at the creditors meeting and so the case would be handled by the RTLU (Regional Trustees and Liquidators Unit). He also said that he is preparing a report for the Secretary of State and the court who made me bankrupt, and that for most people he prepares such a report interview is required to put across their side of the story. THis has me terrified as I have a complex property issue, but have also got into this mess through gambling. Is this the BRO process...or am I in big trouble? I have been completely open and transparent and even sent them copies of all my bet statements which I didnt have to.

Also is me going to the RTLU a good, bad or indifferent thing?


By andymac
#201543 hi there,

regarding the secretary of state thing, i personally dont know, but no doubt someone here will be along soon to advise you.

The RTLU part is in most cases a good side, it usually means your case is progressing nicely, and is passed to the RTLU for cases with assets (such as yours).

try not to worry too much until you know more.
By indy2005
#201544 Hi,

I have asked the OR today as I was worrying kmyself sick. My examiner said it was part of the BRO process.... :(

As for RTLU, I was wondering if this means noone turned up to the creditors meeting so no trustee was nominated and so the OR office is dealing with it themselves. I was wondering if this is a good thing - rather than an Insolvency Practicioner being appointed trustee (not chasing fees as much, just looking to cover costs).
By andymac
#201580 Sorry to hear that, but, as you know, the BRO/BRU only extends the restrictions you have had under BR for a set period, you will still get discharged. So unless you wish to be a company director or similar, it will have little effect on you.

I have been reading these groups for over 1 year now, and have hardly seen any mention of people getting BRO/BRU, and I have seen 2 in a week now....

If you dont mind me asking, what are the giving you the BRO for?
By butterfly
#201597 Based on my case numbers, (BR and BRO/U) I estimate that my OR's office are heading for 10 to 15% of cases resulting in applications for BROs/ undertakings. Can't help feeling my case is being used as a 'deterrent'.
By indy2005
#201598 Gambling....which the OR Office said was lower end of the middle band of seriousness. Gambling is recognised as an illness these days (I was on valium!) so it seems a bit harsh.

People who buy lots of toys, go on holidays...they never had a chance of seeing the money again. At least I had a slim chance of winning the money back.