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By vjohn82
#197936 Hi all,

Just a bit of information I picked up today...

Any account with Virgin Media/NTL in default/missed payment stages has been removed from your credit files. Due to a data anomaly from the migration between IT systems all files will be cleared prior to July 2008.

"Virgin Media Accounts

Virgin Media have removed all Credit Agreement information prior to 20/04/2008 from all its customer files due to anomalies in information resulting from system migrations.

Virgin Media will continue to provide Credit Agreement information as of July 2008 - please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused."

So if you missed payments to them or you have been subject to a **** up by their systems you can sleep a little easier at night.
By krispynbungle
#203026 ok, i have a debt from them which was dated before feb 08 does this count as being written off? i have recieved a letter this week from dca asking for payment , or is it just the defaults before july 08 that were cleared? my debt was because i left them as they couldnt supply me at my new address and then refused to accept payment in installments for the last bill!! is this legal? is there anything i can do about it now?
By red24
#203038 Very interesting, but in my experience with Virgin there will never be a good time to be a customer of theirs!

Maybe an idea to withold adding them to my DMP just yet.

Having said that they could never provide Credit Agreements anyway, there never is a written agreement with them, that is exactly the argument I have with them.