Scottish and English debt laws are different, so if you are a Scottish resident and have questions on debt, then this is the place to post.

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By pageu
#196520 Just had a look online on my paper advert and am confused, I was made bankrupt on the 30th April but this is saying the date that should considered is 27th March...any ideas on this??

Accountant in Bankruptcy Reference 2008/xxxx
The estate of xxxxx xxxx, xxx xxx xxxxxx, xxxxxxxx was
sequestrated by the sheriff at xxxxxxx Sheriff Court on 30 April 2008 and
xxxxx xxxxxx, Accountant in Bankruptcy, has been appointed by
the court to act as Interim trustee on the sequestrated estate.
Any creditor of the debtor named above is invited to submit his
statement of claim in the prescribed form, with any supporting accounts
or vouchers, to : xxxxx xxxx xx

For the purpose of formulating claims, creditors should note that the
date of sequestration is 27 March 2008.

This is a scottish case and nobod really knows about what happens up here but has anyone got any ideas about why this has happened???
By coolcait
#196659 Hi there

Not entirely sure, but I think that when a creditor petitions for your sequestration, the clock gets stopped at that stage (Warant to Cite?).

So, if your creditor put in their petition in March 08, and the sheriff issued the Warant to Cite on 27 March 08, that's the date which counts when you get made bankrupt.

Even though you were sequestrated on 30 April, it only includes debts you got before 27 March.

Like I say, not entirely sure, but I think it's something like that. Have you tried phoning the Accountancy in Bankruptcy and asking?
By pageu
#196829 as I'm self employed it has been put to another company but they have not been in touch yet :(
By coolcait
#196880 Hi there

Do you mean its gone to an agent? Can you call them and ask what's happening?

Sorry, Im not an expert I just did some bankruptcy stuff three years ago when I was studying. I wish Id done it three months ago coz I really need to know about the new LILa thing!!! OH is going for that, but hes not well (thats why he's in this situation!!). Hes still waiting to hear if hes bankrupt or not!! They sent him another form (Form 17 I think) and hes sent it back but there really busy and he hasnt got an answer yet. He foned and they said that theyve been inundated with applications so there a bit behind.

Sorry sorry. Not your problem, im just really worried about him :cry: Going back to what you said, I think that the Accountancy in Banruptcy can use other companys as agents on there behalf. But I dont think that theres anything stopping you foning the other company and asking questions.

Sorry I cant help anymore than that.
By pageu
#196881 Yep thats prob whats happening but they won't tell me who they are using, only that the've passed my details over to them and just to wait until they get in touch.

If I could get in touch with them I would have.