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By Trina
#194900 I have a CCJ, numerous default's and I am on a DMP. I have a joint mortgage with my husdand and there is an old account that doesn't really get used. My husband's credit history is perfect (pays his credit card off each month). My question is he was thinking of paying a computer on pay now pay next year would he get refused because of me? I am so confused about this.
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By Yogi Bear
#194903 If the old account was a joint one, then the chances are his file is going to be linked to yours, and vice versa. The best thing to do would be for him to actually get hold of his file and see what's on there. If there isn't a 'financial association' shown, then by the sound of it he shouldn't have too much of a problem.
By Trina
#194936 One of the problems is he doesn't know about my debts.

The account is about 6yrs and the mortgage 24 years so I think I am well and truely linked.

So does that mean he will be refused any credit because of me (sorry if I seem a bit dim).
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By Yogi Bear
Trina wrote:So does that mean he will be refused any credit because of me (sorry if I seem a bit dim).

If the files are linked, which they probably are, it means that if he applies for credit a prospective lender will be able to look at your file as well as his. :(

It's up to the lender how much significance they attach to it: if the CCJ and defaults are old ones, it may not carry that much weight. But I'm afraid you'd be wise to prepare yourself for the possibility that you're going to have to tell him.
By uphillstruggle
#195285 Your husband can apply to view his credit record, he should do this at both Experian and Equifax and it'll cost £2 each. Then if you see a financial association he can petition to have this broken - but normally this would be done in cases of divorce, separation, etc. If you still have an active mortgage and current account together then this won't be possible.

You'll probably have to come clean though to do all of the above without his suspicion.