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#194624 Hello, Can some body shed some light on Credit files!I am discharged from Bankrupcy in 2006- i pay am paying a payment each month to cover some of the costs that i owed till next August 2009 when it stops, i am trying to improve my Credit history (have learnt by my mistakes) my credit history is bad and defaulted on many accounts due to not being employed at the time in which i did inform all that i needed to but they didn't listen! how can i clear my Credit file as it's showing i still owe money! i hope some one can help me to clear this up!
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ByYogi Bear
#194627 Hi,
First of all, I've moved your question to start a fresh topic with it!

There's a very comprehensive guide to what you need to do now, in terms of making sure the data on your credit file is shown correctly - here:
#194630 Thanks very m,uch for your guideance- so i need to follow this? and chase it up than? it's a bit confusing!
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ByYogi Bear
#194632 It's a long slow job, I'm afraid. :(

Your bankruptcy itself will remain on your file for six years from when you went bankrupt, although you should make sure the discharge date is recorded correctly. But it'll pretty much wreck your credit rating for the remainder of the six years anyway, by which time all of the defaulted accounts should have automatically been removed.
#194633 Okay- So it's the way forward than? i shall start this as if it will help i will try it! i have only 3 years left on my file for BR so it's not as bad!
#194995 Hello, Do i need to send letters to all 3 credit referances?
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#195013 Hmmmmmm, someones not read the sticky fully.

You need to write to the creditors to get them to update your records, how to do that is here:


The reason for this is that the creditor is the only organisation that is legally allowed to amend their records, and the CRA's only hold the records, they are NOT responsible for the individual account records.

At this stage I would suggest concentrating on Equifax and Experian only.

#195207 Opps sorry- having a stressfull week at work! and wishing to sort out my credit files as soon as i can, so i can sleep better at night and not get so stressed.

Thanks for yr help it's very helpfull!
bunniepop x
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