Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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I'm helping my girlfriend who will be going bankrupt late in November.

On the i & e form I downloaded from the web it asks 'is this a joint credit card'. Well my other 1/2 has 3 credit cards-she's primary card holder & I'm a secondary card holder. They ask for details of the secondary card holders address-does this mean they may not include this in the bankruptcy & should she get my name removed BEFORE she takes in forms & will there be any possible bad credit 'link' vack to me?

Also it says they MAY have to tell your landlord & it asks for other joint tenants details. She lives in a shared house & they all have individual tennancy agreements. I trust she does not have to declare their names as it's an individual tennancy & are they likely to contact her landlady???

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#1911 As you are the secondary holder there is no problem - it will be included in the bankruptcy but there will be no secondary card for you any longer. No - as they are individual tenancy agreements she should not have to let the OR know.
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