Information to help you deal with your CRF's

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By Leigh
#189650 Hi,

Apologies, I know this is a topic covered a million times.. I just want to check I've got it right before I start and waste a load of time!

Steps to follow are:
1) Get CRF's from Experian, Equifax, Call Credit
2) Use the letter template from TalbotWoods to send to the creditor (using the list supplied by Less here)
3) Check credit files in 2 months
4) If still not correct complain to the Information Commisioners

The last thing.. Taking Experian as an example, the dates should be:
Default date = on/before BR date
File Updated for period to = any date between BR date and discharge date

Sorry for the repetative questions, but I want to try and get it right first time so I can re-mortgage in about a year!
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By ted the ferret
#189717 i wrote to my creditors 3 times asking for correction to my files,i was going to go straight to the ICO after the 1st go ,but then found out it could take up to 9 months to sort out and get started,so i thought for the price of a stamp ,keep chipping away,and its all paid off within 3 months,but i was probably lucky,barclaycard was the most stubbon but they had sold onto to max recovery,stay with it,i used to write freepost on the letters,got fed up of paying for stamps due to other peoples lack of interest