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By MissLucy
#189458 Hi I need some advice on this please!
I used Credit Expert with Experian to check my file and found that my previous address was definitely not right.
Will try and explain; I lived in a flat on a very long road (3 miles long) so instead of having Miss *******
flat*** 333 anyroad, it just has ''anyroad''.
So I checked with Equifax and it is totally correct showing my FULL address. To my mind this is Experian's fault as I have proof I was on the electoral roll as it is correct with Equifax.
I don't feel it's up to me to be getting in touch with my local council to get documentation proving I livedthere!
Help please on this

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By Yogi Bear
#189460 I think this must be Experian's error, as the two agencies are supplied with identical data as far as the Electoral Register is concerned.

Apply to Experian to get it corrected: you could use a copy of the correct entry on your Equifax file as evidence.