Questions you have before making a decision to go Bankrupt and the Bankruptcy process

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By alan4400
#1641 just wanted to ask what people mean by criminal activities when asking about bankruptcy? :?
alan4400 wrote:just wanted to ask what people mean by criminal activities when asking about bankruptcy? :?

I have no idea as bankrupcy is not a criminal offence.....I can only assume they refer to a situation where Money or assets have been aquired by criminal means and the court orders these assets or funds to be forfeit. Should the offender refuse to volanterily return the funds a criminal bankrupcy order is issued to liquidate the criminals assets.
By alan4400
#1643 thanks david,your probably right. it was just something simon mentioned when i questioned my options with how to deal with my debt,it croped up when he explained bankruptcy. it is now after i have read more into this way out that i should take it... thanks again :?
By Belly-Up
#1644 As part of a criminal case a judge in his sentencing make someone criminally bankrupt where the monies in question exceed £15,000. The person does not get the chance to voluntarily return the monies before the order is made. In fact in a conspiricy, if the amount in a fraud was £50,000 and say 4 people were involved then they can each be made criminally bankrupt for £50,000 each - I have alwys thought that strange. There is no appeal against a criminal bankruptcy unless the original conviction is overturned on appeal.

While in any bankruptcy it is considered a criminal offence to obtain credit of over £500 without declarng you are an undischarged bankrupt.

It is also a criminal offence to carry on business (directly or indirectly) in a different name from that in which you were made bankrupt without telling all those you do business with the name in which you were made bankrupt.

Or to be concerned (directly or indirectly) in promoting, forming or managing a company without the court's permission, whether formally appointed a director or not.

You may not hold certain public offices.

You may open a new bank or building society account but should tell them you are a bankrupt. They may impose conditions and limitations. You should ensure you do not obtain overdraft facilities or write cheques which are likely to be dishonoured or else (you guessed it) it will be a criminal offence.

Hope this answers the question.