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By rebornat40
#162221 I have been in an IVA & finished it in February. I am currently awaiting certificate of completion.

Today I discovered GE Capital who were amongst my creditors but subsequently sold to Max Recovery, have done a search on my file & all it says is unrecorded enquiry. I have not attempted to & will never again obtain credit cards or store cards.

About 5 weeks ago, I got a letter claiming I owed money to a Dixons card from a 1995 DSG account but this turned out to be for a different person. I don't remember seeing GE Capital on that letter.

Why would GE Capital search my file now?
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By TalbotWoods
#162324 Could be a lot of reasons they may have decided to just do a check to make sure they are updating the correct CRF.

If they had made a claim on the wrong person they may have been checking what you have told them.

Don't overly worry though as unrecorded search only shows up to you and them, and they can only check the electoral and public information sections on that type of search.