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By cadvis3d-r2
#160303 Hi All

Well some of you know that i have been on a DMP since last december and renting a property, which my landlady has now offered to us to buy.

We were really nervous and worried that we would'nt get a mortgage sorted because of my DMP destroying my credit rating and my wifes poor credit record, which she got when she went onto a dmp a few years ago. She has now finished her DMP, which is great.

Anyway, we applied to a few companies online and one phoned me back. He was a really sound guy and explained everything he would do and that he would try is upmost to get us a mortgage deal. Next day he phoned back with the good news that we had been accepted by a lender and we could get the ball rolling! happy are we 8) 8) 8)

We were very lucky, apparently the underwritter of the lender basically said that we were lucky she had a good weekend, if she had of been in a bad mood we would'nt of been accepted! :roll:

we are sooooo happy....and finally on the road to clearing our debts and fixing our credit rating..(which was at 999 out of 1000 before my dmp)..the paperwork is due in a day or two and the completion date should be in around 6-8weeks.

so there is hope!....if anyone wants the details fo the broker then PM me.... 8) :D :D :D

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By deej
#160323 great news glad things are working out for you

deej :)
By sbk3
#160326 congrats :lol: :lol:

very pleased for you :lol: :lol:

sbk xx

(I never want a mortgage again :cry: :cry: )
By sally1609
#160377 Well done - it is so nice to hear good news!

Hope you enjoy your home knowing it is truely yours!!!!

xxx :D