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#146496 Hi If you went BR in the UK ant then went to live in the US does the IPA ststem go with you ?
If an IPA was not asked for in the UK if then you went to live and work in the US how would that work out . ??

What would the OR do ???
By clover82
#146769 I'm interested too - at the moment i'm working (got my OR interview next week) but moving to the states in about 1 months time and wont be working there for at least 5 months. After then I'll probably have a parttime job - or go to college - not sure yet!
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#146784 Well it will be interesting to see how this post develops as I am very interested in all the vairables to do with the IPA system . I would imagin that the OR will look at your earinings to start with over here to see if will try to attach one to you .
Not sure how they will deal with earnings when you are in the US or if at all as I would imagin it would be very hard for them to monitor it or even collect it ..
Let me know what happens to you .
all the best .