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#124905 If you are thinking along the lines of Bankruptcy what you need to do is seek professional advice.

One thing that is becoming more and more vital is the need to show that you have sought professional advice before entering into bankruptcy!

Certainly this is now one of the most frequently asked questions by the District Judge and they can refuse your application for bankruptcy unless you have.

If it is refused you will again have to find the complete set of court fees, which can add even more cost to your bankruptcy petition!!!

Details of your local County Court can be found here:

You can obtain free and impartial advice from the following organisations, and they will offer you advice to suit your particular circumstances:

PayPlan -

Consumer Credit Counselling Service -

National Debt Line -

Citizens Advice Bureaux - please make sure you book your appointment with the specialist money advisor as many of the volunteers don’t have the necessary experience and knowledge:

If you live in Scotland, then there are different rules that apply, so you should in he first instance make contact with:

If the debts are related to your business:

You can also find a lot of information from the Insolvency Services website, including a large number of downloadable leaflets about varies aspects on bankruptcy, such as Income Payment Orders, Bankruptcy Restriction Orders, What will happen to my house, etc, along with links so that you can either download the necessary forms (Form 6.28 and Form 6.27 for personal bankruptcy) and you can even fill them in on line:

But the key point is that you MUST obtain professional advice first