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By 87k
#115576 I am not yet discharged but I was wondering does anyone or has anyone tried to open a new current account with a bank that was included with their original BR?

Once I am discharged and I have cleaned up my CRFs I wouldnt mind banking with Halifax again as I found them to be a good bank and their online service top notch.

Whats the chances of being able to open a current account with them again?

#115742 Technicaly no problem as, post petitioning, you don't owe them any monet so woiuld be treated no differently to any other customer in the same position,

I didn't think Halifax offered an account to bankrupts though - Nationwide do and it has all the features you mention.
By Poolie
#115762 I would personally stay clear of past creditors. Are you asking about Current accounts including a real debit card/cheque book or a basic current account. Basic current accounts can be opened without credit checks, so being a past creditor would nor be a problem.
By 87k
#115980 I was talking about a Basic Current Account with Halifax once I am discharged.
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By Classyellie
#115984 Nationwide does have a superb online service..and many post BR's have been able to get upgraded accounts with them...give them a try!

Ellie x
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By fatrat
#115988 I got a big girl's account, v lucky. Nationwide online services are, as Ellie says, very good indeed.