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By gerry
#115352 Hi

Could anyone help me with this question please?.

If I were to be offered a job that came with a company car would I have problems getting a car?.

I do realise that some companies offer a lease via the company itself my concern is if I was asked to finance the lease myself. Yes the company would pay me enough to cover a lease but because I have only been discharged along with my husband in Jan of this year I think I may have a problem.

Hope this makes sense what I am trying to say.

Any help greatly appreciated.


By £76K
#115354 Company cars are leased by the company, I have never known one on a personal lease. The only time you would do a personal lease would be if you got paid a car allowance & then had to supply a car.
By gerry
#115370 Hi £ 76k

Sorry I may have confused things here ....

Job does come with a car - I dont know how this will be provided if it is via a company lease or via a car allowence.

I am concerned that if offered via a car allowence I may have issues.

Both my husband & I were discharged this Jan.

Thanks for your advise & Help


By £76K
#115371 Gerry,

Most places offer the car or an allowance, it is very rare for them to offer allowance only now a days.

Obviously you will take the car in this situation, the company also gets better rates as there is minimal risk to the lease company
By gerry
#115375 Hi £76K

Many thanks for this - sorry if I seem really thick here but I have never had a job with a car.

So even if they offer a car allowence this would be provided in my salary but the lease would be sorted via the company - have I understood this correctly here?

Thanks again for your help

By £76K
#115379 OK I can only talk for where I am, my situation & previous companies.

OK you will be given a band, choice list or an allowance for lease cost you will then agree on the car you take either with the company or directly with the lease company/garage depending on the set up of the agreement. That is the end of your involvement, your employers sign the lease accept the liabilty etc & you get a shiney new car delivered & pay tax on it. Be careful some companies take a while to sort the Tax, so you may need to keep to one side.

Most companies also offer the option to opt out of the comapny car scheme. If you choose this ioption they will pay you a set amount per month in your salary which is liable to PAYE & NI, you will then be expected to supply your own vechicle with tax & business insurance, how you choose to do this is your choice you can buy or lease.

IMO unless you have a small car with loads of no claims you are likely to save money with a company car especially if you are going to be doing a lot of business miles.
By gerry
#115388 Hi £76K

Many thanks for your help on this.

Kind Regards