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By station2007
#112026 im john, im in a big mess, i took redundency from work a few weeks ago, and the job i was leaving for fell through, so now i have a loan with a bank, big overdrft and 4 credit cards which all total about £22000 i now have no income, the letters from credit card companys and bank are arriving.. can someone please give me advice on what to do next. please :?:
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By station2007
#112028 more info i missed out....
im a single dad
i dont own a house i live with family
i have a 10 year old son who stays with me 3 days a week
i do have a car worth about £1800 i need the car for school run.
im looking for work every day, but this time of year is hard..
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By puddleduck
#112049 Hi welcome to the forum, as for your questions there are various options available to you including a DMP, IVA or even Bankruptcy but you need to get some professional advice to help you decide which option is best for you. CAB , Nationaldebtline are just 2 organisations which will be able to advise you. The most important thing is don't panic there will be a solution to suit you & a wealth of helpful advice & support available to you on this forum.