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By tigger277
#303273 Hi, our son is in debt, we have helped him as much as possible, but can no longer afford to give him any more money. Last year he split from his wife, he stayed with friends, he changed his back account to our address, ever since then we have been received numerous letters from debt collecting agencies about lots of different debts. We informed his bank he did not live here and they stopped sending bank statements/letters to us, unfortunately the debt collecting letters are still coming. We tell them he does not live with us which is the truth, although we do have contact with him by mobile we do not know where he lives. This is causing us much distress, he will not take any responsibility, what is our situation regards this, I know we are not liable for his debts and we do not have any financial associations with him, but these numerous debt collecting letters are taking there toll on us emotionally.
By nomlas
#303313 Hiello there, you are quite right the DCAs have no right to connect you with your son. The best course of action, in my opinion, is to send each of them a recorded letter stating the fact that you are not in any way financially associated with your son and that you formally demand that they cease to contact you in any way whatsoever and if they persist you will report them to the relevant regulatory bodies, IE The Office of Fair Trading and the Financial Ombudsman Service.

You are under no obligation to tell them where he lives or to assist them in any way whatsoever, I would also state that in your letters. Do not be too polite in your wordings and please do not worry about the DCAs. As far as you are concerned they are irrelevant. I fully understand that you are concerned about your son but purley on the debt chasing side they can not do you any harm and if your son has no assetts there is very little they can/will do to him either.
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By Gazza1912
#303463 Yes, you have two options here:

Option One: Is as Sarah, states, return these DCA letters back to the DCAs who sent them.
If you have already opened them, do not worry, just put them back in another envelope and mark the envelope clearly:


Option Two: Write back to the DCA making it very clear to them that your son does not live with you and that you are in no way financially associated with him. Make it very clear that although he may be your son, you have no idea of his current address and that if they continue to send their letters to your address, you will report them the relevant Statutory Authorities, citing The Administration Of Justice Act in your defence as you feel that you are being unfairly harrassed by their letters.

Make it very clear that you will not be harassed or intimidated by them and add that if they continue to harass you with their letters relating to your son that YOU will take THEM to Court. Be VERY firm and to the point.

And, even though these letters do not refer to you, I would also demand that they send you a copy of their own Internal Complaints Procedure. I'm not sure that as you are not the debtor that they are legally obliged to send you a copy, but demanding a copy nevertheless, will show them that YOU mean business and will hang them out to dry if you have to.