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ByTootsie Roll
#1962 Just to give you all a balanced view I thought I would register and respond to some of your posts.

My history:
Worked as a Collections Manager for two banks for over 10 years on secured and unsecured debt. Now working for one of the countries larger debt collection agencies.

I PROMISE to always give you an honest and open answer - I do not apologise if it is not the answer you want to hear.

I do not pretend to know very much about the more legal side of things especially bankruptcies or litigation procedures.
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By Nicky
#1963 Hi there. Welcome to the forum.

All friendly help is welcome. :)
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By Jay
#2194 Sounds very fair and up front.
By sad sack
#2878 I have about £15000 worth of debt that me and my partner accumulated iver the past 5 years some of the finace or loans was in his name but most in mine. The problem is I said I was working when I got the credit my partner said he would pay so no one would know any difference all was well until 2003 when he was killed in a car crash. I am on income support which is just about enought to feed myself and my son and buy him clothes. I owe different amounts to about 5 lenders, I have explained that I cant afford to pay the amoubts that they are asking and could they reduce it to what I can afford (which is ojnly £2 per debt) they laughed at me and then said that I would have to go to court which will then add costs to the debt. I dont have any assets or income and I daont have any family in a position to get me out of this. I am awaiting an insurance payout from the guy who was driving the car that killed my partner but it looks like it could take up to another to years. I am at the end of my teather and I see no light at the end of this tunnel. The only thing that is keeping me from doing something really silly is my son he has already lost 1 parent. So please could you help me guide me to do the right thing.


Tammie :cry:
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By Nicky
#2880 Tammie, I suggest you post this in the Debt Questions forum as more people are likely to read it there and reply.