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By countrybiz
#30989 Hi, so glad i found this forum..It's kind of reassuring to know there are others going thru similar situations to me. I thought I was the only one who's spending and financing was out of control, but now I'm with a DMP and feel in control again. I had to do something, I have debts all in my name as my hubby is American and joined me in the UK wth perfect credit.. To get by whilst he was looking for a job we got into debt..I have a £18000 personal loan with HSBC and 2 credit cards with hsbc and egg both maxed out at £2000 on each..I had payments coming out on all days of the month leaving us with hardly any disposable and always overdrawn..Now I pay £200 per month to a dmp and am in complete control of my spending. Although it's still in the process of contacting the creditors, screw HSBC!!! I'm happy to have done something about it.

Nice to meet you.
#30990 HI and welcome to the forum, and as you know there are lots of us in the forum in the same circumstance.

Well done for your DMP

PS I also now what you mean with HSBC!!!!!

By Mel_Odious
#30992 Welcome to DQ cb.,
I am hoping your DMP is with one of the legitimate, non fee charging companies such as Payplan or the charity CCCS! If not and you are being charged a fee for setting up and managing your plan, then I really think you should change to one of those mentioned as ALL of the money you pay into your plan will be used to reduce your debts and not feed one of those leeches that are out to make money from those who find themselves over burdened by debt.

By homely
#31000 hi countrybiz you've definately come to the right place,if anything is worrying you we will always try our utmmost to help,and if you want to chill just pop onto off topic that's where i find you can have a laugh with new friends
By David
#31262 Hi countrybiz....
Welcome and well done for facing up to your situation and doing something about it...
Best of luck for the future