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By ssjsn01
#228335 Hello I have received a letter from "Clarity" telling me that I have to pay an outstanding debt of £643.72 for an unknown loan that I had taken out with B N Finance Ltd. (I have never had a loan with B N Finance or Barclays) I contacted "Clarity" using the telephone number on the letter and was told that the loan was originally with Barclay Masterloan. She then told me they had no information regarding the loan other than I had to pay it and to contact Barclays for relevant information. Barclays confirmed I had never had a loan with them. The letter I received stated that the account for B N finance was serviced by Booker Management Services Limited and that Apex Collections had taken over the account. In turn the account was them passed to "Clarity". I have written to "Clarity" which was at P.O.Box 336 to explain that I do not have any outstanding loans. I also sent the same letter to "Clarity Credit Management Solutions" (this had a different address to the address on the letter I received) and "Booker Management Services Limited". The Office Of Fair trading advised me of the wording to use when replying to these letters and they would appreciate all further corespondance I receive from the above companies.
By wazzza
#228355 hi
i think it would be better if you posted this in the 'debt questions' forum, as i understand they have to prove any debt, you dont have to diss-prove it. i wouldn't bother ringing anyone and i wouldnt bother replying to any letters either unless you want to carry on and pass on to oft. there seems to be alot of this going on, there are plenty of threads on here saying the same as you have said. don't worry yourself about it it sounds like they are trying it on. :D