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By Benson Benson
#222184 I would just like to introduce myself. My names Mark and Im currently in my 6th Month of Bankcrupcy and could be released soon from my duities to the Officail Reciver. I just have a nagging question and need some advice please. I didnt disclose that i may get some compensation for a claim for hearing damage whilst in Service, its not much, but its a lot to me. I didnt disclosed this to the Official Reciver when I went Bankcrupt as I had so much other stuff going on, and am quite worried now that they may take the money off me if I declare it, or worst I may get in a whole lot of trouble if I dont. Should I inform the Reciver of this money, and will they find out anyway?
Anyhelp in this matter is greatley appriciated.
By cyberelf
#222185 They may well take it if it was awarded before the BR date. Its highly likely possible that they will find out anyway so you are best off being up front about it - just ring the ORs office and tell them you forgot about it..
You are never released from your duties to the OR, but you are released from the restrictions imposed by the BR order.
By Benson Benson
#222216 Hi and thanks for getting intouch, Its a good to know theres help out there. okay, I dont know if its true but i was told that the OR could'nt touch personal injury monies and that was because its awarded to help compensate for the injury ?? :?
By Benson Benson
#222217 Hi Cyberelf, I have just been intouch with the OR office and they informed me that they have NO intrest in the claim because it's personal injury. Im so relived.. I know its tuff for anyone Bancrupt but i hope other people reading this, who may be in same position as me, may get somthing out of this.. Today Im happy and like Cyberlf said be upfront.
I would have saved myself a few wrinkels. :(
Good luck to everybody else..
Mark :P