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By Canyouhelp
#222048 Hi

I wonder if you can help me. I have received a letter today from Cabot Financial (I haven't a clue who they are). They say that they have confirmation that I live at my address and that my account is overdue.

As far as I am aware, the only debt I had was over 6 years ago (since registered) and I haven't heard anything since. I have absolutely no idea of what they are referring to.

I have moved approximately 5 times in 6 years and do not know how they would have got my current address anyhow. It is scary to think that they have received confirmation of my address as I didn't even know someone was looking for me.

Could you advise me on how I am to deal with this? I don't advertise my address as I have to ensure that my child's father cannot reach us and so far have been successful for over 7 years, so to have someone telling me that they have confirmation of my address is quite frightening.

Are they able to just send someone to the house?

I look forward to any advice you can offer me.

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By DuffNCustard
#222054 They are debt collectors. They've probably bought a bundle of debts for tuppence and are now trying to rake in the profit.

You've got 2 options - ignore the letter and chuck it in the bin

If you search on national debtline

http://www.nationaldebtline.co.uk/engla ... vice.php#6

there is template "Dispute your liability for a debt where the creditor has not contacted you for 6 years" use it and send it to them.

The debt is actually statute barred which means they cannot enforce it via the courts. They can continue to contact you to pay the debt though and will harass you and pester you to do so

First option - ignore them is the best - they are fishing!