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#198761 Hi
Just to a little about myself.....
4 years ago a company my hubby had worked at for 15 yrs dissolved he received not a penny redundancy etc at the time we were up to our eyes in debt so called a debt help company who started us on a debt management plan but still some of our creditors defaulted our accounts which left us with such terrible credit ratings neither of us could even get a proper personal current account, probably not helped by the fact were not home owners too.
Anyway a 3 years ago I started working part time in an accounts dept and have worked my way up to accounts manager, this is were my problems start, the MD's want me to become a signatory on the bank accounts and have given me a form to fill in. On it I see theres a section "we may check you with credit reference agencies" etc. Am I right in assuming that this will most definately be done? The company directors have no idea about my past problems and as they have become good friends to me I really don't want to have to tell them.
I hope someone may know a way out of this I'm so worried :(
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ByYogi Bear
#198763 I don't think there should necessarily be a problem with this - although it may depend whose name the account is actually in. But most sizeable businesses operate arrangements whereby names of "authorized signatories" are simply countersigned and submitted to the bank. There's no credit check: the firm stands the loss if anyone starts siphoning off money on their own. As long as your name's not actually going on the account, you should probably be OK. Have you any way of discreetly checking with the bank first?
#198789 Hi Thanks for replying.

Thanks for your advice I rang the bank discreetly and was told I wouldn't need a credit check, I explained about the form and was told it is possible I may have to wrong form. So I will check when I am back at work on Thurday. I'll let you know the eventual outcome.
Thanks again :)
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#198816 hello

i have full banking responsibilties for my employer - the bank of scotland corporate do credit check me every month it shows on my credit ref file - but i rang works bank and asked and they said its only to check for money laundering or anything criminal and my own credit worhiness does not come into it

by the way i am bankrupt and my boss is aware of it and it has never posed any problems

hope this helps
#200365 Hi and thanks for the replies, I'm pleased to say that the signatory application went through fine. Pleased you mentioned about Bank of Scotland doing the checks, I'll certainly check my credit file to see if I get cheks too.
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