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By lucepac
#198406 Hi to everyone. On friday I lost a court case on a technicality, much to the shock of all the legal bods involved. It was a civil action which was decided by the discretion of a judge. As a result I have collected a bill of £29000 odd, with 28 days to pay. I have a car forecourt (which I rent), and run as a sole trader, ie NOT limited. My girlfriend and I own our own home with about 50% equity, and I also own another house which I rent out that has a good chunk of equity in it too. Business is poor, and we struggle. We have no cash to talk of.
The justice system has let me down badly, and I am looking to avoid paying this ridiclous sum of money. I was thinking along the lines of transferring equity, and maybe going limited in my business , I realise this will take more than 28 days to set up, but a friend has offered to fund an appeal which I guess could buy time. My credit rating has allways been first class, and we have never knocked anyone. However, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to stick up 2 metaphoric fingers to this lot!
If anyone on the forum can offer some escape advice, I would be so grateful. Sadly, I dont have the confidence to see an appeal through, as I run the risk of another pile of costs I cant afford.
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By TalbotWoods
#198407 I'm afraid this is one where we will not be able to offer much assistance.

Firstly the costs are awarded by the court, and as such should you try and avoid them, you could well be committing a criminal offence. This will include making assets difficult to reach.

Another consideration is that the costs have been awarded and as such no matter what action you take in the future, the court will view now as the time that assets were available, and they have within their powers to reverse any and all transactions you make.

When entering into any civil case there is always a chance you can loose, even on a technicality, and now the way is open for the other party to seek legal redress to get those costs......and that can include instigating bankruptcy proceedings against you.

Now from what you have said this looks like it was business related, and even if not, it certainly can affect your businesses. As such the best people to seek advice from are the Business Debt Line, who can be found at this web address:


Finally, this is a forum to help people deal with debt and not debt aviodance, yes I know you feel aggrieved about loosing, but we are here to help people find solutions to their debt problems and not how to avoid debts.