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By markbarryprice
#198352 Hi there,

I need advice.

i went bankrupt in Oct 2005 and was discharged in Oct 2006.

I included all my assets into my bankruptcy including a house that had no equity. When I filed in Oct 2005 I told my trustee that I was including the house in my bankruptcy and that I would be moving out and relinquishing my rights to it.

I have moved out of country and am now non-resident but a letter has recently come to my last residence in the UK stating that they sold the house in Feb 2007 after my discharge and that I owe a Mortgage shortfall of 10,000 British Pounds.

I am trying to get advice if this is a scare tactic because I was under the belief that this house and any shortfalls would have been included in the bankruptcy.

Please help as I am not getting great advice anywhere else
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By froglet
#198354 They are trying it on!!
Did you sign anything when you relinquished the property? Even though you are discharged I would contact your OR and inform him of this letter :evil: Your house was placed under bankruptcy, and you are not responsible for any shortfall, and even if you signed any of their documents your OR can remedy this situation for you.
By markbarryprice
#198356 Hi there, Many thanks for your insight and advice re: the Mortgage shortfall.

I have sent an email to my OR so I will not get worked up about it..it certainly seems like they are trying it on especially as they conveniently sold the house after my discharge.

Anyways, many thanks