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By lou
#1062 Just wanted to say Hi to everyone,I think this site is brilliant, It is nice to know you are not the only one in a mess if you know what I mean.
Me and my husband have 70k of unsecured debts and have just declared ourselfs Bankcrupt,just waiting for the OR appointment and then I might finally get some sleep
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By Nicky
#1069 Hi Lou! Welcome to the forum :D
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By Brassick
#1083 Hi Lou

Welcome to the site, yes its good to know we are not alone.

By Kevrooms
#1691 Hi all

My name's Kev and like everyone, I (we) are subsribers to the growing National consumer debt.

I am here to share experiences etc.

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By Jay
#1694 Welcome - and I am sure you will find your new "home" happy and informative.