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By Brassick
#766 Hello there
Thought I would put on a quick intro before launching into my first question. Having spent what feels like a life time in deep dodo's I have spoken with a lovely lady at (one of the 'free' debt help places, not sure if I'm allowed to say who) and feeling far happier already.

I know its going to be a long road ahead yet - so thought rather than badger the life out of her 24/7 I would join this forum and check out the odd querie here, seems like a very knowledgeable site with people in a similar position, ie amoungst friends :)

So, 'hello' - you may well be seeing a bit of me for the next few months.

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By JaneClack
#768 Nice to have you on board! Your experiences will help our other posters too!
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By Nicky
#773 Hi there! Welcome to the board :D