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By bilko
#471526 Hi I've just signed up- looks very interesting lots to read.

I have been a customer of Littlewoods for several years and I have decided to close my account I send a final sum less a couple of pounds and requested closure.
My July statement arrived and they were requesting £1.92 I paid this amount through the post office.

My August account arrived requesting £1.02 the £1 was for post office service charge and the 2 pence was shopping insurance.
I paid the £1.02 through the post office once again
I am awaiting my September statement and expect the same amount to be owing I wonder how long this rubbish will go on.

I will post again when my bill arrives. :mrgreen:
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By TalbotWoods
#471530 If you paid it on time (or before it was dues to be paid), then it should clear down.

If you paid it late, then yes you will pick up further charges
By bilko
#471536 Hi Sarah
Always pay through P/0, Littlewoods send me the monthly bill I present it to my local P/O (trying to give them a little business when I can) they swipe a bar code on my bill and then I pay by debit card.
Doing this way I get a bit of paper confirming the deal as I don't trust Littlewoods.
Still waiting the Sept statement.
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By TalbotWoods
#471539 Hi Bilko

Sarah is away for the next couple of days.

What Sarah was beginning to look at was when it was paid and by how.

If it was paid in cash, then it can take about 3 - 5 days before it enters onto your Littlewoods account, with PayPoint (and similar) it takes 2-4 days.

If it was occasionally paid through the Bank System (where you take the payment slip into a branch) that can still take a week in some instances.

As you have said, and the wise thing to do just now, is to wait until the next statement arrives.