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By LindyLoo
#467983 My friend recently had his home repossessed (shared ownership) and finding it very difficult to get the appropriate paperwork linked to the posession. He has now been advised to approach his local council to sort out some form of housing as he is now deemed homeless but he has to produce the paperwork for the eviction and repossession. To date he has tried to speak to someone directly at Barclays and was placed on hold for 1 hour. Today he visited his local branch in ealing and tried again to speak to someone within their call centre and they would not transfer him through stating they were experiencing technical problems, yet he heard the receiver being placed down and could hear people laughing and talking in the background. He is so peeved at the moment as the bank is stalling him and being very uncooperative with him. This is really digusting and I need advice from anyone regarding this unfortunate situation. At the end of the day this can befall anyone but does this give the banks the right to treat you as trash?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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By TalbotWoods
#467993 Hi LindyLoo

Your friend will need to contact Shelter over this, as this is not unusual from the big lenders, and some may refuse to even discuss until the property is sold on and the shortfalls calculated, UNLESS the correct advocacy comes to bare.

I know that most councils will still work under the homeless legislation, which this is being sought, and they can put pressure themselves.

They will carry out an investigation to see if the evidence deems your friend to be unintentionally or intentionally homeless, and that can make hell of a big difference.

Shelter will be able to guide them and advocate as needed, and they can initially be contacted by finding their local advice point here