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By gypsygirl
#467553 I have been slowly reducing my debts but recently one of them has been transferred to another company who is currently happy to continue with minimum payments. However they set a different payment date causing me to go into arrears before apologising and setting it to the right date. My statement still shows the arrears of 2 payments which they say ignore because they accept my minimum payment but have to show my arrears. Don't understand this. Also will this now show as a new debt on my credit file as was hoping all old debt would get to the 6 yr mark (if this correct) and my credit file could start to get better? Hope this makes sense
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By TalbotWoods
#467573 Hi gypsygir, hope you are keeping welll.

Assuming the account was originally defaulted and that the default is showing, then the bad payments will vanish 6 years from the default date, in fact the whole account will vanish from that date!

The debt should only have one entry but it should point tot he new owner, all the past date should automatically have transferred over on the CRF.

I am surprised that you were not aware of the date that they set the payments up on, as this would have either have been stated on the payment book or on your standing order.

If you can show that the date was set up without you knowledge, then I would complain to them, however if you knew the date, but just wanted changed to a date of your choice, then that is a matter they do not have to react to.
By gypsygirl
#467633 I am ok thanks! However I must add that if it hadn't been for this site I think I would have had a breakdown by now, especially with the last year being awful due to other, not debt related, personal issues.
Think this is why when something else crops up I get 'that dreaded feeling' again.
I will double check the letters received but I feel it is their mistake as the debt changed hands and they agreed to keep to the minimum payment of £1 as agreed by the previous company and I assumed on the same dates, the 15th of each month. They then sent a letter of apology and said the date they had been collecting on was not right and they would continue to collect on the 15th and not the 2nd of each month. In the meantime they are saying I defaulted with 2 payments of around £8 each which would have been the normal payments. (Is this making sense so far?)
So although everything had gone back to normal with dates and amounts the two £8 payments show as arrears which they say will reduce with each payment. This is the bit I don't understand and worrying will show as defaults on my credit rating.
As I said I will double check. I hate getting upset when I try to talk to creditors as then I don't make sense and get across what I need to say properly!
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By TalbotWoods
#467643 Hi

I can appreciate the frustration you must be going through, dealing with debt is hard enough, but couple that with personal problems it can make it feel like a nightmare.

When the debt changed hands, they would have sent you a letter with the payment date on, and that is the key. If you can show that they said that the date wouldn't change, then you can hit them, but I suspect in one of the letters they will have said, something along the lines "payment to reach us no later than xxxxxx, if paying by bank, allow an extra 5 days for funds to clear"

Hand on heart I would not overly worry about two late payments, the defaults on the accounts will have a more effect than late payments. Somewhere around I have seen a figure that says nearly about 70% of credit files have multiple late payments on there CRF.

Have you checked the entry on the CRFs, as it is very possible that these may not even be recorded as late payments?

So first step is to NOT worry about this, late payments in this case are about as serious as forgetting to return you local library book, but see if you can find the letter