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By Ktsmum50
#466563 Hi I'm new to this really could do with a little support I'm worried sick about my debts I live with my partner who I've been with for 13 years and my debts are got out of control he doesn't know anything about them as in the past he's paid up some debt for me and I know if he finds I have got in debt again it will finish us he is suffering from cancer at the minute awaiting treatment I'm at my wits end and I know it's all my own fault for running debts up I feel so so bad
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By JaneClack
#466603 Welcome to the forum - and don't worry we are all here to help.

I would strongly advise you contact one of the free to client services such as Payplan or Step Change who are non-judgmental, free and confidential - and who may be able to offer a structured plan to help you after discussing your circumstances in detail. National Debtline is the government backed association who can offer free advice. They all have web presences and free telephone numbers. Similarly you could always contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

You can find their contact details by clicking on the red stuff!!

You can also get help and support here which you can also do but in the long term you will do better to get information from the companies. We would then be here for further support and to exchange views with others.