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By ditm5a
#456853 Hi again,

I paid a £135 at the bank this morning, in cash, and as a full and final settlement for the old Equidebt account, which had been transferred to Cabot. Is there anything else I need to do?

There is one other thing; they asked if I had a copy of the old credit agreement which I don’t have. Was I therefore bit hasty in paying off this CCJ backed debt?

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By TalbotWoods
#456913 Possibly.

You will need to get copy of your credit file in about 6 weeks time to make sure they have marked it as satisfied. If not the can sell of the remainder of the debt.

It would have been better to make sure that you had their agreement in writing first, that is was a Full and Final, and that they were going to close the CRF entries down as satisfied and that the debt ended there.

Hopefully they will do all this, but if not then you will have to keep on to them, but remember at present all you have is a phone call from some commission hungry Herbert, saying this, no actual proof.

The question about the CRF worries me a bit, this infers they may be hoping you have not seen something!

But as I say you will need to wait a few weeks now before the CRF update to see if they are as good as their word.