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By Sammy
thoughtful wrote::D Hi Merrymouse! I nearly went into Off-Topic last night, but wouldn't have made much sense if I had posted anything!:(

Wouldn't worry about that - we're all nuts down there, and yes I do include myself before anyone says anything!!! :lol:
Dealing with debt is scary - you don't know what rights you have - do you have any rights to begin with? - and so on, but you're dealing with it in the right way....
By Mel_Odious
#102772 Once you enter into a payment plan, you have broken the terms of the original agreement so a default notice is an automatic response from creds. You'll get more, don't worry they are a requirement to inform you of any possible future action. You can forward them to CCCS or ignore them.

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By onke
#103368 Hi Thoughtful, No you are not the only "lifer" on her at this rate we could take 40 plus BUT nobody knows what is around the corner !! Dont worry as all have said a default notice is just a piece of paper that looks really official but just a neccesary thing for THEM to do . You will get to the point that you are confident in what you are doing. We have been on our DMP with CCCS since April and it has all settled down, No phone calls etc, At least we are attempting to pay them back !!
By thoughtful
#104140 Hi again, I just wanted to let you know that we really are starting to smile again. With the help from here, and Payplan just handling everything, it really does seem to be settling down. :D

Several of the creditors have stopped the interest charges, and though we're getting statements that are strongly-worded (as in 'pay us now, right now!! pay! us! NOW!!!!!), we're getting to feel a bit more confident about them - as we are paying them, but at a rate that's fair to everyone and won't cripple us.

I just want to say that if anyone reads this and they're wondering what they should do, do like everyone here suggests. Confront the situation, don't let it drag you under. Once you do it, the days aren't so threatening anymore.

You are all amazing! xxx