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By clarkeee5
#5661 Hello all,
Just read through most of this website, got square eyes now. What a relief it is to find other people in a similar situation to me. I am very seriously considering bankruptcy, My debts are around 15k, and cant afford to pay them back, I have been suffering from depression because of this for a couple of years, yes I have buried my head in the sand and ignored my creditors. Going to the CAB tomorrow for advice on what belongings I can keep, Don't own home,car, but do have a full scuba dive kit, which I need as I am hoping to become an instructor(next course) and co-own a tent and sleeping bags, would this be taken as assets??
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By Nicky
#5672 Hi there, and welcome to the forum :wink:

No, I doubt very much that anything you have stated will be taken, although they are valuable to you, they wouldnt be worth anything to the Official Receiver.

Let us know how you get on with the CAB.