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By TalbotWoods
#270613 Please be aware that there have been recent instances of people receiving unsolicited emails and phone calls from a groups claiming they are National DebtLine.

National DebtLine do not send out emails or phone people up without YOU having contacted the first.

This group are also claiming to set up IVAs within 24 hours in emergency situations. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE AND WOULD BE ILLEGAL.

National Debtline DO NOT set up IVAs

If you receive an email please can you forward it unanswered to enquiries@oft.gsi.gov.uk

If you are already dealing with National Debtline then their email address MUST end with @nationaldebtline.co.uk

If you are phoning them the phone number should be: 0808 808 4000

They will NEVER ask for your account details, account numbers etc

Thank you