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#3729 hi there, i've only just found this forum and it seems to be very helpful so here goes!

my names zaheer i'm 23 and have over 22k in unsecured debt in my name. This did'nt use to be a problem as my partner rebecca and I were in full time employment. It all went pear shaped 2 years ago when our first daughter was born and rebecca and I decided it was best for her to stay at home. this meant massive changes- we moved into council housing and I had to join the cccs to pay my debts. I've been paying them £220pm but its been difficult on my £900pm wage! On top of this all we're expecting another daughter in march and with all the preparation etc i've missed the last two months payments and am scared of what to say to them! please give me some advice-I need it urgently. :cry:
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#3732 CCCS are not your creditors. They are there to help you repay your debts so you should not be frightened of them - you are their client and they would be appalled to think you were nervous about approaching them.

Give them a ring and explain that the budget worked out leaving you £220 from your wages is just too tight. Have some circumstances changed again since the original budget was worked out as you must be living very frugally although there will be child benefit and tax credits to add to this figure.

You could also give NDL a ring - they would be able to give you further advice. But please don't be frightened of talking to your case officer - that is what they are there for.
#3771 thanks for the reply, I did call them (cccs) this morning and indeed they were helpful. after re-assesing my budget they came to the conclusion that with all mu current outgoings i only had £59 to share between my 16 creditors. Predictably they asked me wether I had considered bancruptcy as otherwise it'd take me about 22 years odd to pay my debts :shock: Theyre currently sending me info on bancruptcy as unfortunatley it seems to be the only choice left-especially with another baby due in march!

thanks very much for all your advice and opinions.
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