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By tabbycat
#3655 As I am the new tenant of a flat, what can be done legally to prevent the previous tenant using my address when they contact the DWP/Council/Benefits etc.

The previous tenant owes a vast sum of money to the DWP and letters from a debt recovery agency acting on their behalf are sending correspondence to my address in her name for immediate payment etc.

The previous tenant vacated the flat 3 years ago but I am still receiving letters for this person whom is unknown to me.

Have had the benefit fraud team visit me due to the fact that she owed money to the council tax and that she told them she still resided at her old/my address.

I am now convinced that this person is using my address to keep these departments off her back.

Have also received a vague plain white postcard from I think Wescott Credit services addressed to the occupier asking me to give them a call regarding a ref. number. (I ignored this card and binned it).

Can anyone advise what I should do. It is so bad at times I feel like handing my flat keys back to the housing association.

Problems with ALL utilities regarding her debts have been resolved.

However, the final straw is the debt owed to the DWP. Dont know for sure how to proceed with this problem.
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By JaneClack
#3656 Well - it is not your debt so they cannot make you pay it. I understand how frustrated you must feel though.

Write to the DWP - recorded delivery if necessary - and point out that you are now the tenant of the flat and as such this other person does not live there as they would find if they checked the electoral roll and found out you were on it. Tell them you will be responding to no further letters and that you have no idea where the previous tenant of a housing association flat would be living.

Also call the three credit reference agencies and see what they have on file for you and if any extraneous information is on. It should not be but just check. She hasn't stolen your identity which is one blessing but the hassling you are getting is becoming a curse.

See if this works.