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By Teresa O'Connor
#3501 Hello everyone, I, like hundreds of others, will be discharged in April 2005 but I have to continue paying my IPO of £360 until April 2006.

My question is, once I am discharged do I still have to tell my IP everything - for instance if I do any overtime??? :?:
By keepchinup
#3511 Hi, I think it depends on what your Order says.

Mine specifically says "until I am discharged I will inform the OR/Trustee of any changes in my income". To me, that is very plain, and what happens after discharge is my affair.

Good luck.
By Bayroo
#3512 Out of ineterst, are you paying you OR 50% surplus?
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By JaneClack
#3522 It is very clear in the act that you should disclose any changes in circumstances until the end of the three year IPA period although how this would be enforced is debatable. If no IPA was ever granted then none can be so after discharge but if one had been the rules are clear - enforcement is not!

Bayroo, every person's situation is different - some will pay 50%, some 60% and some even 70%. Every person's situation is unique to them and although it is good to do your research you can never second guess an Official Receiver.