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#3496 Hi everyone,

Right now we owe £20000 in Credit cards, £2000 on a Bank loan, £10000 on HP and are overdrawn by £1200 :( and we don't know where to start.

The Credit cards are were paid by a lower monthly payment and its interests been frozen for six months.

However, I started a job six weeks ago, only to been unfairly dismissed with no pay of salary or of my expenses. Now we cannot keep up any payment at all, due to my husband wages being minimal. We are renting privately, which does make a difference we believe.

We just don't know how to tackle this problem. Any suggestions?
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By Nicky
#3647 Hi there

Sorry, I dont know how your post got missed!

Have you contacted your creditors to inform them of your situation at all? It might be that you offer them a token payment until you find another job. If you are generally struggling to repay your debt, you might want to contact one of the free debt advice services to see what they think your options are in relation to your circumstances.

FCL 0800 716239
National Debtline 0800 8084000

There are others, but can never remember their numbers of the top of my head. You could also go down to your local CAB and get some advice off them. Whatever happens, its better to try and contact your creditors and get it sorted rather than burying your head in the sand. If you get to them first and inform them, at least they will know the situation and can put your accounts on hold for a few weeks.

Good luck.