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By mickyh
#3372 Im at the point where im spending all of my time worrying about my ever increasing debt, I have total debts of about 35k 2 are loans with barclays, 3 are credit cards 2 with barclays and one mbna, My overdraft is increasing every month ,and im only making minimum payments on all my cards, All these debts are listed at my parents address eventhough im staying with my partner at the minute since we recently had a little girl,
What are my options? how much would I have to pay through payplan or an iva?
Thanks in advance
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By Nicky
#3374 Currently if you have £100 available surplus each month, that will be enough for a DMP with Payplan.

Your best talking to an advisor who can go through your situation and look at the whole picture which will show which option is best for you. Either DMP or IVA. You can call Payplan on 0800 085 4298 and have a chat about things. There is, of course, no obligation to go with anything suggested to you and its all free and confidential.