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#3371 I have council tax arrears of just over £800 for which there is a liablilty order. I have offered to pay £25.00 per month (which is more than I can really afford), but the bailiffs will not accept this. They say they cannot accept payment over more than 12 weeks without meeting me inside my home do discuss my circumstances. I have offered to visit their offices but they won't do that. I know the reason is that they want to gain access to the property so they can the come back and I've told them this.

What should I do? Should I start paying the £25.00 and hope that they accept that and leave me alone? Can I apply directly to the court for them to set a payment? What can they do/take? My exhusbands car is parked outside, its registered to me, but owned and paid for by him, could they take it?
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Sarah123 wrote:They say they cannot accept payment over more than 12 weeks without meeting me inside my home do discuss my circumstances

What rubbish! At least you were wise enough to recognise their scam!

Have you contacted the Council to see what they say about your offer? I know someone posted on this site not so long ago regarding the same situation and went to their local CAB and was told not to pay the bailiff but to make the payments to the Council. Whatever you do, dont let them in under any circumstances otherwise they will levy your goods.

Perhaps a visit to your CAB will set a clearer picture as to what to do.
#3379 Hi Nicky,

Thanks for your reply. I spoke to the Council Tax department and they told me they couldn't do anything as it was now with the bailiff and that they couldn't accept payments from me. I also spoke to the Magistrates Court and they have given me the name telephone number of the Recovery Officer at the Council. Unfortunately he has been in meetings all day. If I can't speak to him today I will write. I think the Council needs to know how this company is representing them.

I have also spoken to the Certificated Bailiffs Association and they are sending me a complaints form. I guess that most people feel they are in the wrong because they owe the money so they do not feel they have a right to complain.

If I have no joy with the Council I will visit the CAB.
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#3380 Keep us updated Sarah, it will be useful for other people who find themselves in the same situation wondering what they should do.
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#3381 You can also telephone the council and explain that the bailiffs are being intransigent - do not pay the bailiffs but do put the money to one side so that when the bailiffs hand the debt back to the council you have the money you would have been paying on a weekly or whatever basis to give them straight away. If they cannot get in they will have to hand it back to the council but usually when it is in the hands of the bailiffs the council becomes a jobsworth and says they cannot deal. Just make sure the money is saved. You could even send it to the bailiffs offices if you wanted to. I would also move the car - they tend to take and then argue so you do not want to risk it being moved.
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